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We are Platinum Family

We believe in being generous and helping others. And that is WHY we are in business

We’re great electricians from all over Australia, but that’s what we do not who we are. We are Platinum Family. A family that is passionate about being generous and helping others in need.

Whether we’re the CEO, a manager or a first year apprentice, living in Australia means we are extremely blessed to be in this country.

So with that comes a responsibility – We are blessed to be a blessing. We believe it is our responsibility to help those less fortunate than us.

And that is WHY Platinum Electricians exists. Platinum Foundation is our organisation that allows us to deliver on the ‘WHY’ behind Platinum.

Our Story

Platinum Electricians

Platinum Electricians was started in December 2001, by CEO & Founder Joshua Nicholls at just 22 years of age.

With a dream to have a few employees, so he didn’t have to ‘work on the tools’, Platinum very quickly surpassed that goal and soon became one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. Fast forward to today and Platinum now has over 176 vans on the road Australia wide, employing over 380 staff.

What is now affectionately known as the Platinum Family, is no longer just Joshua and his head office team, but now franchisees all over the country are joining in the Platinum success story.


People & Businesses

To make a difference

From the very early days, Joshua knew that Platinum was purposed to make a difference and as the brand grew, Josh could see there was strength in its numbers. Joshua wanted to build a program that was achievable for each franchisee, yet scalable, and would grow as the network grew. The more franchisees, the more impact Platinum would have.

So, in 2012 Joshua launched the One Van One Child initiative with World Vision, which encouraged franchise owners to sponsor a child for every van they had in their business.

After a field trip in 2015, to visit sponsor children with his wife Alana and 3 franchisees, Jeff, John & Ken, Joshua and the team were inspired to do more. So in 2016 Platinum Foundation was started to allow the Platinum brand to have greater impact.

The future is exciting, as Platinum Foundation begins to build relationships with more Project Partners and fund many development projects.

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We would love for you to join with us as we make
a difference in the lives of others.

You can sponsor a child or make a donation which will go towards one of our development projects. Thank you so much for your generosity.