PROJECT: Education


Statistics show poor literacy skills being linked with lower education, earnings, health and social outcomes

Platinum Foundation has chosen to provide books to schools within Australia that:

  • Have less than 50 students
  • A high percentage of indigenous students
  • ICSEA less than the national average of 1000 (ICSEA is a scale which allows for fair and reasonable comparisons among schools with similar students. ICSEA stands for the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage)

The objective of this project is to encourage children to read books, which will improve literacy. The program focuses on the power of choice, community and ownership.

The Power of Choice
When a child is allowed to choose their own book it builds an expectation of that book and what it will offer. When the choice is theirs, fun, excitement and reading go hand-in-hand.

The Power of Community
When every child in the community is involved in the process – the choosing, the waiting for the books to arrive and the excitement when the books are being given out – it generates a strong sense of belonging.

The Power of Ownership
When a child gets to keep their books and take them home, the most powerful influence of all on a child’s attitude to reading is brought to bear.


Our project partner for this is Books in Homes Australia. They were founded on the realisation that failure in adult life often stems from childhoods spent in homes without books. The Books in Homes Programme was originally inspired by Maori author, Alan Duff ,who wrote the widely acclaimed book Once Were Warriors. Duffy Books in Homes New Zealand was formed in 1995, and now has over 100,000 students participating from 530 schools and more than 200 sponsors.


Platinum Foundation would like to provide books for 3 schools in high need.
$82 AUD can provide one child 9 x books of their choice for one year
$2460 AUD can provide books for a classroom of 30 students


One year of support  was completed in September 2018 and Platinum Foundation will embark on a further year of support.