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With a goal to rehabilitate 20 water wells in three months… WE DID IT… AND SOME! 👏🏼😍🙌🏼

23 WATER WELLS have seen successfully repaired and built in Northern Uganda, changing the lives of over 11,000 people who now have access to clean drinking water.

To fund 23 water wells together we successfully raised $95,000!! Thank you to everyone who supported The Wellness Project! We couldn’t have done it without you.

We absolutely loved partnering with Love Mercy Foundation on our first project together. Our next amazing initiative is right over the horizon – stay tuned for where Platinum Foundation is going next…

‘The Wellness Project’ kicks off with $75,000 to fast-track 20 water wells

Our latest initiative ‘The Wellness Project’ will bring clean water to those in need.

Handwashing is the first form of defence against diseases like COVID-19. But what if you don’t even have clean water to drink? The Wellness Project will build and repair 20 water wells in Northern Uganda in the fast-tracked timeframe of three months, to keep the most vulnerable communities safe. Through the Platinum Electricians network, Platinum is proud to partner with L&H and MMEM for The Wellness Project. 

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Kristina Health Clinic Solar Installation in Uganda.

Earlier this year Platinum was privileged to partner with NECA Victoria to install a solar system at Kristina Health Clinic in Uganda.

This is now providing them with the power to run ultrasound machines, x-ray machines and all necessary medical equipment. It was so lovely to receive this photo recently of midwives, and mum and bub in front of the Solar system.

Giving Back this tax time.

So excited to have an article written about us in The Sydney Morning Herald

The article is about our child sponsorship and projects. Thanks to our whole Platinum Family, supplier partners and customers who make this all happen. Without you, we can’t make this kind of impact!! See the full article here.

Upcoming field trip to Uganda

We’re so excited for our upcoming field trip to Uganda later this year as part of our Platinum Foundation.

We are extremely thankful to partner with NECA Victoria and Schneider Electric to supply and install a much needed solar system at Kristina Health Clinic (KHC) in Uganda. KHC is located in Otuke, a rural community in northern Uganda currently in the process of overcoming poverty after decades of civil war. This remote community struggles with poor electricity supply, so installing a solar system will allow mums and bubs to receive the best possible care.

The impact

Kristina Health Clinic (KHC) currently delivers an average of one baby per day. The clinic is building a standalone maternity ward facility to cope with the demand. The closest public hospital is 72km away, which unfortunately finds itself with babies in humidity cribs that are not switched on due to lack of power and no backup system. Installing solar power at KHC will allow them to run ultrasound machines, x-ray machines and all necessary medical equipment.

We will be taking a team of 6 young electricians from Victoria, Australia on a 10 day trip to Uganda to fully install the solar system.

What a privilege to use our skills and resources to bless this community.

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Field Trip to Zambia

Our beautiful community in Chikomeni

What an amazing trip seeing the change and development that’s happened in Chikomeni since the last time we visited in 2015. A team of 8 people from Platinum Electricians yet again had the trip of a lifetime and witnessed how vast the impact we are having in this part of the world.

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May was our Fundraising Month

$17,839 raised

During the month of May, many of our Platinum Electricians offices across Australia held local fundraising events. Including

  • Lunch events
  • $5 & $10 donations from electrical jobs
  • Movie screenings
  • Bunnings sausage sizzle
Thanks for the love

Thanks to all our customers, suppliers, families and friends who supported us in the fundraising.

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Visiting our new community in Sri Lanka

Karrachichi was amazing

In October 2017 a team of 5 from Platinum Electricians visited the community we newly partnered with in Sri Lanka. It was so great to see the potential in years to come of what our support can do.

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