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Salon Purpose


Salon Purpose came to One Co in 2020 as a brand new start up business. We worked with owner, Nicki Ranatawake to come up with a One Child initiative that best suited her business growth. As a hair salon, increase in number of chairs where clients sit to get their hair done, would reflect growth in revenue and company size. So together we decided One Chair One Child would be a great name.

Salon Purpose started with 2 chairs and therefore 2 sponsor children. Since then the business is thriving and they’ve sponsored an additional child with plans in place for more.

Salon Purpose also worked with One Co to create campaigns to get involved with One Co projects. For the salons opening week, together we developed the ‘With Love’ campaign, where proceeds from each service went towards projects. For the salon’s first year anniversary we have worked together again to develop a campaign which will go towards The StartUp Project

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Platinum Electricians

The Wellness Project

In 2020 we custom built The Wellness Project with One Co. partner Platinum Electricians. During the height of the newly global Covid-19 pandemic, Platinum wanted to have impact that would meet the immediate needs of the crisis whilst also having lasting impact. With the whole world talking about the importance of washing hands and hygiene, The Wellness Project was a perfect fit.  A project focused on repairing and building water wells in Northern Uganda, it gave communities access to safe and clean water for drinking, sanitation and handwashing now and for the future. 

In partnership with Platinum’s ‘Give to Give’ partners L&H and MMEM, Platinum raised $95,000 to repair and build 23 water wells. With each well providing water for 500-1000 people, this project impacted up to 23,000 people.   


One Co. provided Platinum with The Wellness Project logo and photography to use in their marketing communications. Platinum worked with our preferred graphic designer Studio 28, to design email campaigns and social media to promote the project amongst customers, it’s franchise network and employees. 

Click here to find out more about The Wellness Project and how you can implement it in your business. 

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As a second generation business, Limcora has been trading for an amazing 44 years. With over 70 staff in the plumbing and drainage industry, Limcora was looking for a way that their business could “give back”. In 2020 One Co, worked with Limcora to implement a One Truck One Child initiative.

As a service based business with trades people driving trucks to complete their work, number of vehicles reflect growth for Limcora. The more trucks they have, the bigger their business is. Therefore One Truck One Child was a great name for their One Child initiative.

Limcora joined One Co with a commitment of 42 sponsor children and an excitement to see their impact grow as their business continues to grow.

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Premium Projects


As a building company, Premium Projects came to One Co. to implement a child sponsorship initiative. With a team of carpenters affectionately known as “chippys” we decided that One Chippy One Child would be a great brand for Premium Projects. 

Premium Projects owner Joe, has a vision to see many other builders jump on board with the initiative and become a collective of builders who are commit to One Chippy One Child

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Salon Purpose

The Startup Project

We are currently working with One Co. partner Salon Purpose to implement The StartUp Project. Salon Purpose was looking for a project to celebrate their first year anniversary. As a start-up business itself, The StartUp Project was a perfect fit for Salon Purpose. They have chosen to donate $25 from every service in the month of October to The StartUp Project and if their opening week campaign is anything to go by, customers loved the initiative so much, that they donated extra funds on top to go towards the project.

As a start up business themselves, Salon Purpose wants to celebrate their first year of business success by paying it forward to other people in impoverished communities. The StartUp Project gives business loans to individuals to empower them with the opportunity to start their own business and work themselves out of poverty.

This project will go live in October 2021, we will keep you updated with the impact.

One Co. provided Salon Purpose with The StartUp Project logo and photography to use in their marketing communications. Salon Purpose is working with our preferred graphic designer Studio 28, to design email campaigns, social media posts and branding for the salon to promote the project to it’s clients.

Click here to find out more about The StartUp Project and how you can implement it in your business.

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Solar System Project

In 2019 NECA reached out to us to help build an impact project with proceeds from their annual conference. With over 200 people in attendance at their event, they wanted to raise funds from the event to have an impact. As their event was for electrical contracting companies, we built a solar system installation project that would be meaningful and relevant to their industry.

$20,000 was raised from the event and was used to build and install a solar system for a health clinic in a remote community in Northern Uganda. 72km from the nearest hospital, this health clinic receiving solar power allowed them to operate x-ray machines, humidi-cribs and ultrasound machines. These were services they had not been able to previously offer because of poor electrical supply in the region.

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