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From Ken & Tracey McCoombes
Platinum Electricians Ipswich/Mt Gravatt/Rocklea,
July 2018

We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to go to Zambia, Chikomeni.  We had always envisaged that one day we’d go there, to do something with children and communities who are in need. We are so fortunate to have had this opportunity with Platinum Foundation and the support we get from World Vision is second to none.

Our first day we met a lot of children and parents at the community centre.  We were surprised that they were so welcoming, warm, friendly and generous, so easy to talk with and get to know. They are truly grateful for all the help we give them.

Spending time with Platinum sponsored children and their families in their homes gave us the opportunity to talk about our individual lives and to see the way they live compared to the way we live and the improvements that have happened since our last visit in 2015. We witnessed the effect that we are creating there, helping to educate communities in many aspects such as clean water, healthcare, education and farming.

We were very honoured having the privilege of opening new latrines at schools and bore holes in villages.  Also witnessing the amazing progress being made on a farm that we previously went to in the Chikomeni Community in 2015.

We visited a health clinic and partnering with World Vision have formed a group called SMAG Safe Motherhood Action Groups. This is where community volunteers use different methods in order to train women within their community to ultimately achieve safer pregnancies. They would visit mothers periodically during their pregnancy and teach them how to care for themselves and the baby both before and after birth. They would also educate their husbands that they are needed for several chores like fetching water, firewood and cooking.

In the past three years and two visits to Africa it has made us realise that the things in life that we find important and what our African families find important are the same but also very different.  When it comes to health and family we are no different but when it comes to spiritual and materialistic we are so different. Emotionally you can be brought to your knees with such little things like a smile or touch not in a sad way but very humbling way and this is when you know we are making a difference.

We would sincerely encourage anyone that has a passion for giving to get involved as every little bit matters whether its sponsoring a child, donating to Projects or even giving of your time.  Our trips to Africa has we have made life long friends both abroad, within the Platinum Family and World Vision.

Ken & Tracey

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