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Transform a life

Our child sponsorship program is in partnership with World Vision. All our children are sponsored in 2 communities in Zambia and Sri Lanka. This concentrated effort allows us to bring great benefit to the community through child sponsorship and development projects.

Make a change Child sponsorship

Changing a child, changes a community, changes generations.

To nurture a child out of poverty and into a future filled with hope and possibility is so rewarding.

221 children Sponsored

Where it all began

One Van One Child

For every Platinum Electricians van on the road,
a child is sponsored

One Van One Child originally began as our commitment to sponsor a child for every van in our company. However customers, friends, employees and suppliers have joined with us to sponsor children too. We have partnered with World Vision and all our sponsor children are in Zambia and Sri Lanka. This concentrated effort enables anyone who sponsors children through One Van One Child to join us on field trips to visit our children.

Get involved Improve a child’s life

From as little as $48 a month, sponsoring your child helps to create lasting change in their life by transforming the world where they live.

By helping to meet basic needs for things like clean water, healthcare, education, improved farming and income opportunities, you’ll help break the poverty cycle.

Clean water




Meet our

Sponsored children

Here are the beautiful faces of all the children sponsored under our One Van One Child Initiative.

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Make a Difference

We would love for you to join with us as we make a difference in the lives of others.

You can sponsor a child or make a donation which will go towards one of our development projects. Thank you so much for your generosity.